Friday, April 11, 2008

Saving money by bartering

I am always trying to find new and creative ways to save money, but this week for my Frugal Friday post I want to talk about an idea of saving money that goes way back. Bartering!!

Bartering is a great way to save money for items or services that you need. It goes back as long as there have been people. It has almost become non-existent, but there are people who are trying to revive it. With the cost of just about everything sky-rocketing, bartering can be an invaluable tool to saving money.

Currently my family is receiving haircuts free for an entire year because we bartered with someone. She needed a paint job and we always need haircuts. It has been a win-win situation. Thanks, Carol!

I know of a lady who bakes bread for someone who sells free-range eggs. It's an even trade off for them. They get bread and she gets eggs. There are so many different things you can barter for. You do not have to have a professional skill to be able to do it. You could even trade off babysitting. The are many unique possibilities when it comes to bartering.

Here in our area we have a bartering ring. It is actually called a business exchange. You can look in your area to see if they have one set up. Ours is called Lafayette Business Exchange. If your area has one it may called something similar.

If you don't have any professional services to trade or your area doesn't have anything set up then ask people you know. It never hurts to ask someone to see if they would be interested in trading services or goods. A good place to start is the people you go to church with. Even neighbors or friends.

Bartering is fun and definitely frugal. The best part is, not only are you blessed, but someone else is too. For more frugal tips, visit Crystal's blog for Frugal Friday's.


Cajunchic said...

I like bartering too but I am always intimidated to offer it. I just accept when someone else does.

There is an older man at our church that has a farm. During the summer we go to his house and I clean while hubby and the kids pick his crop for him. For this we get to leave with baskets full of blueberries and he brings us veggies through out the year.

Teresa @ A Life At Home said...

Don't be! Lots of people would love the opportunity to barter but just don't think about it. Scott will always offer his services in a trade out if he can.
That is a great trade you have found! What a blessing it is for your family and the older man.

Abiding said...

We have bartered hair service, too. This was especially nice because it included highlighting.

The best deal we ever made bartering was for our fourth child! We bartered with our midwife some new furniture that we could get discounted. :)


BarbaraLee said...

I did this w/a friend last yr. I helped butcher chickens and took their chickens that were in the freezer from last yr. To me there was nothing wrong w/these birds in the freezer for the winter. They like the chicks fresh. I grew up on this. I was raised on a farm and did this every year.

Daisy K @ With a Green Thumb said...

I love to barter!! My mom and I do all the time lol And I have a friend who helps me clean my house for her choice if the candles that I sell!! We love it lol Most times I'm getting the candles free or really cheap and she saves $$ and keeps her hubby happy that she isn't spending $$. It's a win win for all of us!!

Kate said...

Eric does this quite a bit with our business. Just recently he bartered with a local shoe store. He cleans there twice a month, and we get a credit at the store for shoes! He's also done something similar with a local restaurant. It never hurts to ask. People are surprisingly open to bartering.
I actually wish we could find ways to do it more.

Angie said...

wish I could find more ways to barter. I have tried to get a babysitting swap together in this town for years now and to no avail! I am going to make another attempt to start it and a mom's group. wish me "luck"! To me it's one of the most expensive things that I hate to spend $ on but very necessary!

Melonie said...

I would love to find more people to barter with in my immediate area! Right now I do some basic bartering of editing and writing for things like handmade, all-natural candles and magazine subscriptions. Whenever anyone asks my rates for such services I'm always sure to mention that I am willing to discuss bartering as well!

Camy said...

Just wanted to say "hi" from one frugal homemaker to another. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

Camy said...

Oops. One more note. Have you seen Hillybilly Housewife and Frugal Abundance:

These are two great websites w/ very practical information, pantry lists, meal ideas/lists, and great recipes.


Teresa @ A Life At Home said...

Hi Camy! Thanks for stopping by. I have seen hillbilly Housewife. i love that site. I don't think i've been to frugal abundance though. Thanks for the link!

Good luck, Angie! I can't believe noone would trade for babysitting services. Free babysitting is a great trade. Hope it works out this time.

Kristina said...

There is something to keep in mind if you are bartering. The IRS always likes their cut of things, so be careful to look into the tax implications of any bartering you may do. Here is an article: