Thursday, April 3, 2008

Getting stains out of baby clothes

Have you ever been to a garage sale and found a cute outfit for baby but passed on it because it was stained? Or have you ever thrown away an outfit after you tried treating it or bleaching but the stain was still there?

I used to do the same thing, but not anymore. I found a great way for getting even the toughest stains out of my baby clothes. Now of course this works on any clothes that are stained. I just wanted to address baby clothes because spitup stains and little poopy stains ruin so many cute clothes. With having a larger than average family, it's important that I keep these clothes looking good so that I can pass them on to the next baby.

When I take down baby clothes out of the attic and I find some that stained, or when someone gives me clothes that have stains on them I will mix a batch of this up. I have yet to ruin an outfit with it, but if I did, it was already ruined before so I have nothing to lose. Oh, this will also brighten dingy or yellowed whites too!

Here's the recipe:
1 cup of Cascade
1 cup of Borax
Enough hot water to fill a 5 gallon bucket 2/3 of the way full

Put stained clothes in bucket overnight. Take the clothes out in morning and wash like normal. You can also put the mixture and clothes in the tub if it's easier for you, but with little ones in the house I use a bucket with a lid.

Hope this saves someone from tossing clothes out like I used to. Clothes can be so expensive!

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Kristy said...

Thanks for this tip, I've been battling stains on our little girls' clothing for several weeks now! :oP I found that using Oxi clean and Shout spray work really well but will definitely give your recipe a try, too! This mama can use all the help I can get in keeping little clothes clean!

~Kristy @ Homemaker's Cottage

D&Xmommy said...

That is a wonderful tip. I have passed up clothes or even threw some away b/c of the stains. Now I have a way to try and get them clean. Thanks!

Kendra said...

I just did a post on "The Best Laundry Detergent..." The BEST thing that I've found for old, dried in stains is All Baby Detergent, Shout Gel Stick, and Clorox 2. They work wonders!!

Teresa @ A Life At Home said...

Hey kendra, thanks for the tip. Sounds expensive though! lol

FishMama said...

Cascade powder or liquid? Does it matter?

Thanks for the tip. I have some things that I would like to sell in a garage sale except they are stained.

Teresa @ A Life At Home said...

fishmama, I have always used the powder kind, but I don't think it would matter since it all dissolves in the hot water. Hope it works for you!

Daisy K @ With a Green Thumb said...

I LOVE Borax!! A friend recently battled a flea infestation at her home and she was given a great tip using Borax!! IF you spinkle all your furniture (matresses included) and carpets with Borax it kills the fleas and their eggs!! All she had to do was vacuum it up after!! Borax works great with nasty odors as well!!


D&Xmommy said...

Do you have anything that will get mildew off clothes? I just ruined a dress. :( Baby girl had spilled juice on a new dress and it sit for a few days before wash and it has mildew on it now. I soaked it in color safe bleach, then used a bleach pen on it(it is white), it got rid of some of it but it still has a good bit left. Thanks.

Teresa @ A Life At Home said...

I have never been successful getting mildew out of clothes. Of course I haven't tried soaking them in the cascade and borax. You could also try oxiclean and cascade. It's supposed to work too. Hope you find something!

Paula said...

Cascade? As in the dishwasher stuff? Or is there an American detergent named Cascade? My little girl is a bit of a messy eater so I really appreciate the tip

Teresa @ A Life At Home said...

Hey Paula, yes, Cascade the dishwasher soap. I'm sure you can use other brands too if you wanted.