Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Natural products to keep in your medicine cabinet

Since I get a few questions on how we afford medical care for our large family I thought this would be a great post for Works for me Wednesday.

Now, I love my children's pediatrician. She is a wonderful doctor. We used to be in her office every other week but now we hardly ever have to see her and that's the way I like it. With 6 children, it would cost me a fortune if they were sick all the time. Because of that, there are a few things I like to keep on hand to try first in my medicine cabinet before we head to pay the doctor a visit.

These are the things I would never be without:

1. Tea Tree Oil

There are many uses for tea tree oil. First, it is an antiseptic. It is great to put a diluted amount on scrapes, cuts, and rashes. It's also great for you cloth diapering moms to add to the diaper pail or when you wash the diapers.

2. Aloe

Of course most of us know to use this on burns. It is very soothing.

3. Ipecac

Those of us who have small children should keep this on hand in case of accidental poisoning. It induces vomiting. Of course, be sure to call the poison control center first. They will let you know whether or not to induce vomiting.

4. Echinacea

Great for cold and flu season. They have a brand that I really like that is made for children. It is called Herbs for Kids. That way I know i'm not overdosing them.

5. Olive Leaf Extract

This is probably one of my favorite natural products to use. It is used during cold and flu season. It is also wonderful for seasonal allergies. It is an antiviral and an immune builder. The brand I use is by Seagate. It is actually a nasal spray. When I have to use it, it works pretty fast.

6. Mullein and garlic oil

This is great for earaches. It helps soothe the pain. Note, if the eardrum is perforated then do not use it.

Of course this is not a complete list of things I have on hand. It is just what we use the most. Ok maybe not the Ipecac, thank the Lord for that, but the others we do. There are so many natural treatments out there that it's hard to know which ones to use for what ailment and to know if they are safe or not. I try, for now, to stick to ones that I know will be safe.

This is just something that I wanted to share that works for our family. For more Works for Me Wednesday topics, head over to Rocks in my dryer.


Rebekah said...

Thanks so much for this post I'm always looking to learn about natural remedies. My little girl loves to put tea tree oil or her cuts, I think it makes her feel better to actually do something for her instead of just tell her it's going to be okay!

Tania said...

Thanks this is great. Some of those I haven't heard of before. I will be keeping those on my list.

Cindy said...

Thanks for the tip on tea tree oil! My two year-old has had a diaper rash that just WON'T GO AWAY, and I prefer natural remedies when possible--so I will definitely try it!!


JAN said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to write this post! We're always on the lookout for natural remedies. I've never heard of tea tree oil-just the name sounds soothing. :-)

Cajunchic said...

Great post. A good way to check out the safety of a home remedy is to have the book The Complete Idiots Guide To Home Remedies.

I actually saw a thing on the internet the other day telling people to drink 5 TBSP of epsom salt in an 8 oz glass of water for constipation. UMM can anyone say Magnesium poisoning?

Linds said...

Thanks for these tips!

Audra Marie said...

I'm always looking for more natural remedies. Thanks for this post. :)

Felton/Casey said...

My local grocery stores have an organic echinacea tea that we always make whenever we believe a cold is coming on. They have other natural varieties too for other health concerns, but my favorite is ginger tea. I take it whenever I have even a slight tummy ache as it sooths the digestive track. My family also drinks it at the first sign of any flu symptoms.

Steph Garvey said...

I never knew about Olive Leaf Extract. Great to know.