Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A few wonderful posts to enjoy

Recently I have come across some really great posts from blogs that I frequently read. I just had to share them. Enjoy!

The first post I wanted to share is actually a giveaway post. Mrs. Wilt, from The Sparrow's Nest is teaming up with Crystal Paine, from Money Saving Mom and Biblical Womanhood, to offer a chance to win 2 free Supermarket Savings 101 courses! This is the course that I took that started me on the path to the frugal life I lead today. I have cut my grocery budget by 60% since taking this course! This is a great opportunity you don't want to miss. This is an excerpt taken from Mrs. Wilt's post. In the course you will find:

  • Designing a menu plan that really works

  • Menu planning on a budget

  • Simple, no-fuss, frugal menu ideas and recipes

  • Creating a workable grocery budget and how to stick with it

  • Learning how to find good deals

  • Time management and efficiency in frugal shopping

  • The basics of using coupons - where to find them, which coupons to cut, how to organize them

  • Step-by-step explanations on how to make the most of deals at CVS and Walgreens

  • A photo tutorial of a typical $35/week grocery shopping trip for our family including some of our favorite $35/week menu ideas

  • Links to helpful resources and websites to aid you in this money-saving journey

  • And much more!
Oh, and if you've never read Mrs. Wilt's blog, she is doing a month long series on cheerful thrift right now that i'm sure you would enjoy.

The next post I wanted to share is called Recession Optimism, by June, at A Wise Woman Builds Her Home. I felt went along so well with what I was saying in my post on how to afford a larger family. It's about what's really important in our lives. Hope you enjoy it.

The last post I want to share is on the Blessing of children. It is written by Stacy McDonald, who is the author of Passionate Housewives Desperate for God. I am in the middle of reading this book and I love it so far. Stay tuned because I hope to do a review and giveaway of my own after i'm done reading it. You can visit her blog, Your Sacred Calling, here.


Cajunchic said...

Thanks for the links. I am always looking for new things to read when the kids go to sleep.

Nicole said...

I am just now getting to read the post from your sacred calling. Isnt it funny how God brings things to you right when you need them? The link did not work but a quick google search found it for me. I am trying to get back to where I was before and to my mindset of being a godly wife and mother and have been searching for things to read on the subject. That entire blog was wonderful. This just goes to show you that a blog can still touch two years later.