Monday, March 10, 2008

Our $75 menu this week...for my family of 8

Here we go again. I thought I would post another menu plan since it is so near and dear to my heart. If you're interested, I just wrote part 3 of my series on how I feed my family of 8 for $300 a month. The last topic just happens to be on menu planning. Hope you enjoy!

Monday: Waffles and fruit
Tuesday: Baked Oatmeal
Wednesday: Pancakes and fruit
Thursday: Muffins and Sausage
Friday: French Toast
Saturday: Eggs, biscuits, and a meat
Sunday: Country ham and gravy over biscuits

Monday: Sandwiches and a side veggie--->either raw or cooked
Tuesday: Ham, mac & cheese, and a veggie
Wednesday: Soup and crackers or 1/2 sandwich--->soup is usually leftover from night before
Thursday: Grilled cheese sandwiches and fruit
Friday: Leftovers or quesidillas if we have no leftovers
Sat and Sun: We either eat leftovers, or a salad, or sandwiches

Monday: Carrots and ranch dressing
Tuesday: Fruit
Wednesday: Banana Bread or homemade bread drizzled with butter and honey
Thursday: Celery and peanut butter or ranch dressing
Friday: Tortilla wraps---> I usually fill them with pizza sauce and cheese, which the kids call "mini pizzas", or peanut butter and honey

Meat Lasagna
Green beans

Baked Tilapia
Sauteed Squash

Homemade Garlic Bread

Italian Sausage and peppers over penne

Homemde BBQ Chicken pizza

Chicken Tetrazinni
Garlic Bread

Mashed potatoes
Green beans

For more great menu ideas, check out Menu Planning Monday hosted by Organizing Junkie!


Carlie said...

hmmm...I can't decide between Sat or Sunday this week. lol!

Anonymous said...

you are so lucky that everyone eats the same thing! In my house, we have me-grew up never eating any red meat or pork( would never eat it now either), only fish and chicken and lots of pasta(Italian/Med. food); hubby-farm boy, steak, potato,corn and does not like what I like, and the little one-noodles, cheese, peanut butter and cereal. So I have 3 menu's going. I am a short order cook :) There are some nights when we do eat the same, but I try to make the side dishes the same and the main item-him pork chops, me fish so that no one is not going to eat. Oh and forget about when we go to my mom's for a big dinner. She just makes him a plate of spag. But you gotta do what you gotts do right? :)


Teresa said...

Hubby and I are not picky eaters and the children don't know any better. Not one are picky out of far. Call it luck, or call it making them eat what we have. lol
But, like I said, I don't have any picky eaters. If I had to cook three different meals a night i'd be in the kitchen all day. Don't know how you do it.

Crystal said...

I am amazed at the meals you have with 75$!! There are just 3 of us and I feel like I spend so much! I've got to get better at budgeting and saving!!! BTW, everything on your menu sounds great!

Sheila said...

That's awesome!

I love how organized you are. I find that I can feed people for pretty cheaply, too, as long as I do most of the baking, avoid high priced things like cereals and ready-made meals, and eat lots of raw veggies.

And you can make your meat go further by making one-dish meals, like you've done.

Thanks for including the lunches and breakfasts! I'll do that next week, too.

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Sonshine said...

Yummy week planned! I think I will come join you rather than eat at my own house. LOL

Anonymous said...

a bottle of wine to get it all done.LOL, LOL. No seriously,we don't have big fancy meals. For example tonght is turkey burgers, fries and salad for me and hubby and I know noodles with cheese will be for my son. We don't really snack at night, sometimes hubby will have cookies or a bowl of cereal if he has a sweet tooth. I really keep it simply. Tom. night is "Denny's" or "Diner" night. Eggs, biscuts, turkey bacon and pancakes. We cook that together so it doesn't take too long. But if I did anything fancy it's usually a Sunday dinner. Roast chicken etc.
debbie :)

Khrista said...

Such a comprehensive menu! I love how you plan every meal, AND snack! Eliminates the guessing! With a family of 8 I am sure it helps to plan so well! Great menu!

What a Gift said...

If you with 8 people can spend only 75.00 on grocceries I should be able to with 4. My goal is going to be planning more and spending less thats for the inspiration.