Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Home Organizing Binder

Today is Wednesday and it's time for another, "Works for me Wednesday." One thing that really worked well for me is a home organizing binder.

One of the biggest questions I get asked is how I keep up with everything and stay so organized. Ok, those of you who really know me can stop laughing now...really!

Seriously though, I love my lists! I have a list for everything. I have a to do list that covers anything that I have outside of my normal schedule. I also have a grocery list, a list for all of the weekly sales, a daily, weekly and monthly chore list, etc. You get the picture.

I love the feeling of knowing how my day should run. I thrive on a schedule. I am so busy taking care of my household, that without my lists and my schedule I would be lost.

The problem I began to have over time though, because of my list obsession, is that they began to take over. I had lists at the computer stand, at the table, on my headboard. They were everywhere. Of course with 6 children they would get misplaced and then I would panic and start having heart palpitations.

One day, while complaining to my sweet husband, he suggested to me that I keep all my lists in a central location. In something I could carry around with me. He actually gave me a binder and told me to put everything in there. Can you hear the choir in the background as that lightbulb went off in my head? Wow, why didn't I think of that?! Yes folks, he is a genius.

So now I have everything I need in my binder. It is my lifeline. Our main schedule is in there. I write all of my lists in there. I keep tips and tricks i've learned, my grocery price book, our chore charts, and more in there. Basically everything I need to run my house is in that binder.

I have since found that other women do the same thing, imagine that! If you are interested in making one for yourself, you can do a quick online search to get an idea of how others are making theirs. A really good one is Keepers at Home's Organizer. If you look at her page, it will give you an idea of just what you can include in your binder. Just remember that everyone's will be different because every family is different. I have tweaked mine several times over the years to fit our changing family.

Another great thing about my binder is that I hope to be able to share it with my girls one day, when they are ready to run their own household. I am actually working on one that I am decorating beautifully. I plan on doing the same for them. It's a little bit of me that I can pass on to them.


Carlie Faulk said...

Now I know what to get you for your birthday......looseleaf!! (from CVS of course!)

I found this so funny beacause last night I laid in bed for over 20 minutes just thinking of my lists. Hubby said - just get up and go write it down. I need a little note pad on my nightstand for all the last minute notes a the end of the day.

Sonshine said...

I love my Household Binder! I keep lists, medical info, our budget, cleaning list and more in mine! It is definitely my lifeline and it is also something that I could grab in a emergency(like a house fire) that has all the info that I would need at my finger tips!

Thanks for sharing! :)

Cajunchic said...

I have seen candy's HMO before but have never used it. I do follow her cleaning schedule though. I tend to get overwhelmed and just dont start things.

Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife said...

Thanks for the link! I really like the idea of making these to pass down to your kids!

Build said...

Nice Blog. Great to see fellow brethren who will share the faith!

I Will Include You on a List to add to a few home improvement and organizing blogs I am currently working on.

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I Might have a couple versions of the Organizing Articles so I will list the sites I will link this way.

Nice Work - worth reading!

This forum is just getting off the ground - feel free to join in the fun!

Shawn said...

Having everything in one place makes sense to me, too. I love it when a lightbulb goes off in my head!

TheMenuMom said...

A household binder is a fantastic idea! Anything that can help the day run smoothly is a must. Thanks for sharing!

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