Saturday, March 8, 2008

Free Cereal Week for Me!

Sorry i'm late in getting this up, but it was a nice day outside, and we roasted hot dogs and smores out on the fire pit this evening!

This was definately the week to get free cereal if you wanted it! Albertson's was having a special for Post cereals 5/$10 and then $2.00 taken off at the register. That brought it down to 5/$8. Not too bad of a deal, but I had $2.00 off coupons for each of the boxes of cereal, so it brought the total for 10 boxes to -$4.00. That's why I got my gallon of milk free! Which, as you can see, we've already started on. I also got the pack of beef on sale. So, 10 boxes of cereal, 1 gallon of milk and 4 pounds of beef cost me right at $8.00 OOP!

This was the week for Olay and Zest. I ended up getting 6 packs of Olay and 2 packs of Zest for $2.00 OOP, but I earned back $16.00 in Register Rewards. So, today I went out and got 1 tube of Colgate, 1 Listerine Smart Sinse, 1 bottle of Vitamin C, 2 Viactiv Calcium, and 2 boxes of butter for $0.00 OOP. I'll also earn back $15.50 in rebates on my Walgreen's gift card.

This week was a light week for me at CVS since I was contracting too much for a few days. I had to be a lady of leisure and plant it on the couch. {gasp}
Anyways, my sweet hubby so graciously went and did this one for me. I figured i'd keep it simple since we had a run-in with a coupon nazi employee the time before. So, we just got 2 Mach 3 razors, 1 Venus Embrace, and 1 Fusion razor. I paid with $16.47 in ECB's and $.53 OOP and made back another $22.00 in ECB's. Not a bad run.

So, all of this would have cost over $110.00 for right at $10.00 OOP, but I made back more in rebates, ECB's, and I still have another register reward to spend! So, I guess you could say it's almost like it was free!


Divine Diva In NC said...

What an awesome deal week for you! Excellent job.

D&Xmommy said...

What great deals!! I cannot wait to start getting those deals myself!!

cajunchic76 said...

How exactly do you get register rewards? Do you have to use a gift card?

Teresa said...

cajunchic, In the ad they will have specific things listed that will say underneath it that you can get a register reward for buying it. It will print out at the register for you to use on your next visit. They are just like cash.
Like the dove bars I got last week. They were on sale 2/$4. I had 2/$2 coupons so I got them free and then I earned a $4.00 register reward for buying them. I was able to use the register rewards this week to buy the toothpaste, mouthwash, and vitamins in which I will earn a rebate in about 2-3 weeks, that I put on a giftcard so I earn an extra 10%. I can then use my giftcard to pay for more register reward or rebate deals. But no, you don't need a giftcard to do it.

The Bargain Shopper Lady said...

Great job! Very cool!
~The Bargain Shopper Lady

Michelle said...

I really need to learn how to use CVS.