Sunday, February 24, 2008

How I feed my family of 8 on $300 a month - Part 1

Since I have recently lowered my monthly grocery budget to just $300 a month, there has been alot of buzz. People want to know how in the world I do it. They want to know if it takes alot of time and effort? Do they have to feed their family processed, boxed food with little to no nutritional value? And lastly, how can they do the same thing for their family?

On the contrary, my current system takes less time and effort than my old way of doing things. My family eats more nutritious meals, no boxed meals here! And yes, you can do the same thing for your family too!

It does take a little time and effort in the beginning. You have to be willing to learn a new way of doing things. We live in a world where people expect to see immediate results without putting in much effort. I can tell you that although I had to put in a little time to learn how to save money, I am now seeing the fruit of my labor.

You do have an advantage over me though. I didn't have anyone show me all the secrets. I have since found amazing websites with lots of great advice, like Money Saving Mom, but in the beginning I had to figure it all out on my own.

Over the next few weeks, I will show you how I feed my family for only $300 a month. I will show you how you too can feed your family well, while still saving money. I will show you how to budget. How to plan a menu and make a grocery list from your menu. How to shop the weekly sales and further plan your menu from that. How to stock up your pantry with all the great deals you find. Lastly, how to get free, or even get paid to buy toiletries and medicines at the drugstores.

Coming Next: I will be talking about how to set up a reasonable budget.


life long friend across the street. said...

I'm sure you will have a lot to useful information for the world to gain.

Kudos to you, corn nut, and your new blog.

Jennifer said...

Yay! Now I can just come here and check out your tips instead of bugging you for them on momys! LOL I'm adding you to my favorites right now. Thanks!

Mama T said...


Thanks for the add! You know I do not mind you asking for tips, ask away!

Emily said...

I found your blog through Money Saving Mom. I am always looking for new tips and ways to stretch our dollar. I can't wait to read your next couple of posts on this subject. : )

talley said...

I also found your blog through Money Saving Mom and am looking forward to hearing more from your perspective. Thanks for sharing your wisdom!

Lifemakesmecrazy said...

I'm trying to feed a family of seven on a new budget of $600/month. You were the first thing that popped up on my yahoo search. If I can do it for less than $600, you will be my new hero!

Teresa said...

You can do it! Since I've written these posts I've increased my budget a little, but it still is only $400/month. The biggest piece of advice i can give you is 1. pay cash 2. make a menu and stick to it 3. buy just what you need for your menu and keep the leftover cash to stock up on sales. Good luck!