Sunday, February 24, 2008

Help for mamas!

Now, everywhere I go I have people stopping me, asking me questions about how to do such-and-such. Everything from how to raise children, how to run their homes more efficiently, to homeschooling, to questions on how to save money.

Now, when I am asked these questions, it is fully expected that I give a detailed response. I love to offer whatever knowledge I have to help somebody, but there seems to be a few questions that repeat themselves quite frequently. So, I figured that sharing what I do on a blog might be a great way for me to help more women. To answer some of my more frequently asked questions.

God has given me a desire for my family and my home. It wasn't always so, but God has changed me into a new person. It is because of this new-found passion, that I hope to help other women see the blessings of a life at home.

So, as I journey along with this blog I hope to be able to share what God has taught me so far. How to save money. How to stay organized. How in the world I homeschool all of my children, and most of all how my heart was turned towards a life at home.

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