Saturday, August 9, 2008

"Where do you get all your coupons?"

I have had quite a few questions asking me where I get all my coupons lately. I actually have a variety of places that I get them from. The two places that I get most of my coupons is from my local Sunday paper and I print them from various websites. I do also get a few from tearpads or blinkies found in the grocery store and I am part of a coupon train.

In the coupon train I receive an envelope of coupons and then I mail out, in another envelope, the ones I can't use with more I have added to the next person in my group. All of these sources combined is how I get about 90% of my coupons.

Now, for a really great up coming deal that I know I need to get multiples of, I have been known to buy a few coupons from ebay. I really have not used it very often because I find that the hot coupons are REALLY overpriced.

Really though, the absolute best way I have found to get more than one of a coupon I need is to just simply trade with other couponers. I trade coupons that I don't want for coupons I need. I have traded coupons, coke points, Similac checks, and even stamps for other coupons that I need. Since I have started this I have noticed a huge savings at the stores.

I am not overly obsessive about it. I just trade when I need, and help others when I see that they need something I have. It works great and saves everyone money, which is what we all want. Happy couponing!


Maricar said...

I just started with couponing seriously. I have a many coupons that I don't need. Where/How do you trade your coupons? Thanks.

Teresa @ A Life At Home said...

I trade mine on I know that there are other trading sites though. I bet if you type in coupon trading sites you'd come up with a few.