Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It's broken!

Well, there's a first time for everything. We have experienced another new first in our house. A broken bone. You would think that with 7 children that we'd have had our fair share of broken bones. Nope, we've been lucky. Until yesterday that is.

Our little 2 yo daughter had to be the first to try this. She is a little bundle of energy, to say the least. She is also fearless. I'd love to say that she was doing something reckless and wild, as is usual for her, but she was just helping mommy clear away the lunch dishes off of the table.

Of course to help mommy she did have to pick the ceramic plate that my 14 yo daughter just had to eat off of. Imagine a very petite, 24 pound 2 yo carrying a large, and quite heavy I might add, ceramic dinner plate almost above her head. Could she walk slowly to do this? Of course not. She was at a full sprint heading for the sink. Then, imagine a small rug placed in front of the kitchen sink that had one end flipped up. You see where i'm going with this, right?

Needless to say, she tripped over the rug, the plate flew out of her little hands and landed firmly on one of her fingers like a guillotine. After a few hours at the local after hours clinic and a couple of xrays we found out that her finger is indeed broken. Now we have an appointment to see the orthopedic doctor this Friday. That makes 2 appointments that day and it's my birthday. Happy birthday to me. Ha!

You can't really see how bruised it is here. Poor baby.

Isn't she cute with her splint on? Note: This is one of the rare moments that we caught with that splint on.

Hopefully things will calm down here soon. At least everyone is well again. So, does anyone have any suggestions on how to keep a splint on a very determined not to wear it 2 year old?


Sheila said...

Maybe you could get some little jewels to glue on so it would be BEAUTIFUL? :) I'm sorry you are having all this happen with sickness, etc. Here's hoping your birthday will be the beginning of a great week of healthy and happiness!

Teresa @ A Life At Home said...

Sheila, what a great idea! I think she would love to decorate it. She loves pretty things.

Nomadic said...

I think the jewels are a great idea! Stress how she "gets" to wear something no one else "gets" to wear... I'd also draw a face on it so she can use it as a puppet, too. My kids were huge on imaginary friends when they were little.

Dani said...

Well girl, when it rains it pours! I hope her little finger heals quick. I hope that things can only go up from here on our for you guys. :)

Melissa said...

i'm sorry about your little girl. that is a great idea about decorating it. my 2 year old is all into being a princess and wearing jewelry also

Kristin said...

Teresa...what a trooper you are!!!

I think the jewels are a great idea, too! Smart Sheila!

Happy Birthday to us both! I will be thinking of your on our shared day. I'm sure mine will be less hectic than yours (I only have two little ones and they are both well - but also had croup recently, ironic huh?)

Good Luck!

Luke said...

Why do major injuries happen when nothing particularly awesome is going on?

May her finger heal quickly. And that photo is adorable (the teddy bear one, not the bruise [smile]).

And happy birthday!


Anonymous said...

When my son was about 1 1/2, he decided to grab my curling iron (long story, of course!). Anyway, to keep him from taking the wrappings off his burned palm, we covered his bandaged hand with a sock that had a slit cut in it for his thumb to poke out, and just taped around his wrist. (The tape was on the sock part and just made a snug "bracelet" to keep the sock on.) Since it was regular gift tape, he couldn't find the end and didn't try to take it off. It worked like a charm, and I was able to easily change it once or twice a day.

Good luck!!

Teresa @ A Life At Home said...

Kristen, Happy Birthday to you too! You know, my doc said that croup is going around.

Thanks for the suggestions! I do have an update.

Carlie Faulk said...

We need a pic of the weapon. ~ lol!

Lynn said...

Hi Teresa!
My almost 2 year old son (our third) broke OUR first bone in the house last weekend! He fractured his middle toe! It actually was a very small fracture and had stopped limping after just a few days! I'm amazed how at much more daring this one is compared to his brothers! Good luck--sending prayers of quick healing to your little one!

Tammy said...

You have an award waiting at my blog! You make me smile!

cavamil said...

I like the idea of adding jewels. When my second-born strained her finger (didn't quite break it, but came close) we wrapped her two fingers together and she pretended they were rings.

I hope her finger feels better soon. :)