Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Grocery Gathering - Albertson's DFW 7/23 - 7/29

It's time again for my Grocery Gathering post. I am SO excited about this week. We have all been waiting for a good week for awhile. This is it! This post is going to be a work in progress since I just wanted to get the Mega Sale posted so you can get all your coupon matchups done in time to get busy shopping.

"What is the Mega Sale," you ask? Well, it is just that. A mega sale! The great thing is that this sale lasts two weeks. Of course, as usual anything that could be free will be red.

Mega sale 7/23 - 8/5:

BUY 10 participating items and receive $5 off instantly, mix or match any items:

Final price of $.50 each:
Pictsweet Vegetables 12-16 oz
Glaceau Vitamin Water 20 oz
Powerade 32 oz or Glaceau Vitamin water 1 liter--->Free Powerade!
- Powerade $0.75/1 from 06-08-08 Smartsource insert
- Powerade $1.00/1 from 07-13-08 Smartsource insert

Daisy Sour Cream 8 oz--->Free sour cream!
- $0.50/1 from 06-01-08 Redplum insert
- $0.60/1 from 06-01-08 Redplum insert

Albertson's Olives 5.75-6 oz
French's Mustard 14 oz--->Free mustard!
- $0.50/1 IP here or here
- $0.30/1 from 06-22-08 Smartsource insert

- $0.50/1 from 06-22-08 Smartsource insert
- $1.00/2 from 06-22-08 Smartsource insert

Hormel Chili 15 oz
Libby's Vegetables 14.5-29 oz
Music Mountain Water 6 pack

Final Price of $1.00 each:
Albertson's Diced Green Chilies 7 oz
Albertson's Elbow Macaroni 16 oz
Albertson's Butter 8 oz
Hamburger, Tuna or Chicken Helper 5-9 oz
- $1.00/3 or $.75/3 from 06-08-08 Smartsource insert
- $1.00/3 IP
here or here
Country Crock Spread 16 oz
- $0.25/1 or $1.00/2 from 05-18-08 Redplum insert
Knorr Vegetable Rice or Noodle 4.9-5.4 oz--->Free if you use the IP Q's
- $1.00/1 IP here
- $0.60/2, $.75/2, or $1.00/3 from 05-18-08 Redplum insert
Albertson's Picante Sauce 16 oz
Albertson's Pasta Sauce 26 oz
Sara Lee Whole Grain White Bread 26 oz
Albertson's Extra Wide Noodles 16 oz

Final Price of $1.50 each:
Country Time Lemonade on the Go 10 ct or 10 quart
Lean Cuisine Entrees 5.25-10.38 oz
- $1.50/3 IP here
- $1.00/2 IP here
Oscar Mayer Fast Franks 10.2 oz
Capri Sun Ready to Drink 10 pk 6.75 oz
Kool Aid Singles 10-12 ct
Nabisco Snack Sak 8 oz
South Beach Tide Me Over 7 ct--->Free with IP Q!
- $2.00/1 IP here
Albertson's Ice Cream Bars 15 oz
Oscar Mayer Mini Beef Hot Dogs or Mini Cheese Hot Dogs 10 oz
Kool Aid Jammers 10 pack
General Mill Cereals Cheerios 14 oz, Honey Nut Cheerios 12.25 oz, Golden Graham 12 oz, Multigrain Cheerios 9 oz or Cocoa Puffs COMBO 11.7 oz.
- $.75/1 IP here for Cocoa Puffs Combo
- $1/50/3 or $1.00/2 from 06/22, 06/29 or 7/13 Smartsource inserts
Kool Aid 8 quart or Sugar Free 12 qt
Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks 6-10 ct.
-$0.80/2 IP here, here, or here
Pillsbury Toaster Strudels 10-11.5 oz
- $1.00/1 IP here, here, or here
- $1.00/2 IP here and here
- $1.00/2 from 07-13-08 Smartsource insert

Crystal Light 8 qt or On The Go 10 ct

Final Price of $2.00 each:
Nabisco Teddy Grahams 9.5-10 oz
Nabisco 100 Calorie Granola Bars 5.88 oz
Oscar Mayer Fast Franks Smoked Sausages 8 oz or Fast Franks Beef hot Dogs 10.2 oz
Mt Olive Spears 24 oz
Tombstone Pizza 17.7-29.51 oz
Nabisco Ritz Bits 7.5 oz
Kraft Salad Dressing 24 oz
Lean Cuisine Dinner Entrees 6-10.5 oz
Post Cereals Honey Bunches of Oats 14.5 oz, Fruity or Cocoa Pebbles 13 oz, Raisin Bran 20 oz, Alpha Bits 13.5 oz or HOneycomb 14.5 oz
Planters Dry Roasted Peanuts 16 oz
Bertolli Pasta Pouch 13.5 oz
Albertson's Orange Juice 64 oz
Nabisco 100 Honey Maid Sticks 8.5 to 10 oz

Other deals I see:
C&H 4 lb sugar 3/$5.00
- $.30/1 from ? insert

Purell hand sanitizer 10/$10.00
- $1.00/1 from 04/27/08 Redplum insert

Suave shampoo or conditioner 10/$10.00--->Free if your store doubles!
-$.50/1 from 07/13/08 Redplum insert

Of course if I see any other good deals I will add them. Please let me know if you see anything deals or coupon matchups that I may have missed. For more great grocery deals visit the Grocery Gathering, hosted by Becentsable


Victoria said...

I saw on AM that you will be stocked up on sour cream after this. I'm just curious, how do you store it? Do you freeze it?? I am the only person here who eats it, I would love to stock up but I'm worried it will go bad before I use it all.

Teresa @ A Life At Home said...

I don't freeze mine. I don't think they would freeze very well at all.
They keep for over a month, maybe two at most. I have a big family and we all eat it so buying ten will keep us from having to buy it every two weeks. :-)

Anonymous said...

So the prices like .50 and 1.00 and 1.50 and 2.00 or AFTER $5.00 SAVINGS? Meaning if I bought 9 LC Dinners ($13.50) and a mustard (.50). I would have to do the math this way:

TOTAL $14.00 (and the $5.00 is already deducted because it was in the price of the items so I wouldn't actually minus another $5.00- right)

I have q's and thought I would get this cheaper but it's the 5 is alredy deducted into that price then my q's aren't going to work that well

Teresa @ A Life At Home said...

anonymous, that's right. Those are the prices after the $5.00 is deducted. If you used the $1.50/3 x's 3 and the French's $.50/1 then your total OOP would be $9.00 + tax. That's basically a $10.00 savings.

Anonymous said...

Softsoap is on sale for $1 & with the <.35> Q from 07/27 it is FREE or better, that is if your store triples & allows overage.

Also Albertson's gives a credit of <.05> when you bring your own bag. I have a few "Green Bags" but I roll up my used plastic bags & stuff them in empty tissue boxes so they are easy to transport & use! Each & every nickle counts!