Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Grocery Gathering - Albertson's DFW 6/25 - 7/1

First off I just wanted to say thankyou to Carlie from, Why Ask Why, for doing last weeks Grocery Gathering post for me. Now that baby and I are at home safe and healthy i'm ready to get back to posting. This week has a few pretty good deals in it. No free deals that I see yet this week. As usual, all deals that could be free are in red.

Oh, one last thing. I heard that the Albertson's in the Baton Rouge area is advertising that they are doubling and tripling coupons. Don't know if it's just for this week or not. Enjoy it, you lucky dogs!

3 day sale from Friday 6/27 - Sunday 6/29:
Catfish fillets - $2/99/lb.---> You have to buy 5 lbs or more for this deal

C&H Sugar 4 lb - $.99 (limit 1)--->If your store triples then this will be $.09 ea!
-$.30/1 from 6/18 Redplum insert

Albertson's large eggs - $.99 dozen (limit 1)

Other deals I see:
Blue Bell ice cream 1/2 gallon - $3.99
- $1.00 IP here---> you have to join Bluebell's website first to get it!

Oscar Mayer hot dogs or Kraft Singles - 2/$3.00 (limit 4)
-$.50/1 on any Oscar Mayer hot dogs from 6/18 Smartsource insert - if your store doubles these will be $.50 ea.

Kraft BBQ sauce - $.79

Hamburger Helper - 10/$10.00
-$1.00/3 from 6/08 Smartsource insert

On the outer wrapper they do have a Nabisco/Kraft deal with lots of items for 10/$10, 4/$10, and 5/$10. I wasn't able to find many coupon matchups, but if you do know of any that could make this deal good please let me know because I am still a bit behind on my coupons.

*Update: I did get a heads up from a couple of commenters about this deal. Buy 1 Kraft natural sliced cheese at $4.59 and 1 Oscar Mayer deli shaved lunch meat at $2.50, get a Kraft mayo or Miracle Whip FREE*
-$1.00/1 Oscar Mayer Deli Sliced meat from the 5/11 Smartsource insert
-$.55/1 Kraft mayo from Kraft's summer magazine

There is also a IP here for $3.00/1 Planters product when you buy 3 Kraft items.

Of course if I see any other good deals I will add them. Please let me know if you see anything else that I may have missed. For more great grocery deals visit the Grocery Gathering, hosted by Becentsable.


Marnie said...

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that there was a .30 coupon in this past Sunday's newspaper for the C&H sugar. If your store is tripling, it would only be .09. Or doubling, it would be .39. Either way it's still a good deal.

Also, congratulations on your beautiful baby girl! Love the pictures. She makes my heart ache for another baby though... Enjoy her!

Teresa @ A Life At Home said...

Marnie, thanks so much for sharing this. I was so hoping that I would get this coupon, but I got Domino sugar instead! Oh well. Thanks for the congrats. We are really enjoying her. :-)

I hope everyone else gets the coupon to take advantage of this deal. Nice time to give the kiddos a coupon and stock up a bit.

Lisa said...

I live in the DFW area and my Albertson had some great deasl. If you bought certain items, you got something for free. I got Mini Rits Cracker, and some Kraft Mayo for free with these deals. Check out my blog for all the details.


Anonymous said...

I'm in DFW too. My ad shows Blue Bell at 3/$11, which would make it $2.66 after the q! My husband is going to LOVE me!

Also, Friday through Sunday, they have a deal where you get Kraft mayo for free when you buy Kraft natural sliced cheese and Oscar Mayer shaved meat. The meat has a $1 q in the 5/11 SS. Mayo has a .55 q in the Summer Kraft magazine.

Now, when you buy any 3 Kraft items, you can use a $3 off q from their website. I'm adding a Kraft dressing (FREE q in the Spring Kraft mag) to the 2 Kraft items I'm buying above (mayo and cheese).

ALSO, there is a Planters printable q for $3 off when you buy any 3 Oscar Mayer, Kraft, or Nabisco products.

So, I haven't done the math, but, in the end, this is going to be one SWEET deal!

Feel free to email me if you need directions to the printables or other q's.

Teresa @ A Life At Home said...

the coupon bin, thanks for the heads up! Sounds like an awesome deal. I'm going to add it to my list right now.