Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Grocery Gathering: Albertson's DFW 5/14 - 5/20

It's time for my weekly Grocery Gathering post. I am covering the Dallas/Ft.Worth region for Albertson's. There are just a couple of things that I see that could be a good deal. This week is another 10/$10 sale. There are many products that are 10/$10, so if you can find coupons to match there could be some good deals. Deals that could be free will be in red.

There is a 3 day sale. It starts Fri. 5/16 - Sun. 5/18

Imperial sugar $.99 - limit 1

Ragu spaghetti sauce $.99 - limit 2

Other deals I see are:
Dozen eggs 10/$10

Ball Park franks 10/$10--->My Albie's doesn't double, but if yours does it could be free!
- $.50/1 peelies are out there

Ken's salad dressing 5/$10---> There are reportedly $2.00 Q's out there for this. I only received the $1.00 Q in my insert. If you have the $2.00 Q, then this will be free!
- $1.00/1 from 5/4 Smartsource insert
- $2.00/1 from???

Rice a roni and chef boyardee 10/$10--->My Albie's doesn't double, but if yours does it could be free!
- $.50/1 IP here
- $1.00/3 IP here

Tropicana orange juice 3/$10
-$1.00/1 from 4/20 Redplum insert
-$1.00/2 from 5/4 Redplum insert

Ivory Soap 3 pack 10/$10--->If your store triples, then total after Q will be $.25
-$.25/1 from 5/4 P & G insert

Purell 2 oz Hand Sanitizer 10/$10
-$1.00/1 from 4/27 Redplum insert

Remember, you do not have to buy ten of each item to receive the 10/$10 price. If I find anymore coupon matchups, i'll post them. As always, if you see anything I might have missed, please let me know. For more great grocery deals be sure to visit the Grocery Gathering, hosted by BeCentsAble.


Anonymous said...

SmartSource has a coupon for $1 off Ball Park Beef Franks. Makes them Free!

Teresa @ A Life At Home said...

I saw that one, i'm just not sure it is for the right ones on sale. I'm going to print it out and see if it works. I'll let you know!

Lisa said...

Ivory Soap 3 pack 10/$10 pair with P&G coupon for $.25/1. If your store triples like mine total $.25

Purell 2 oz Hand Sanitizer 10/$10
use $1.00 off coupon to get it FREE!!!

I cut my coupons out every weeks so I do not know the weeks the coupons came from. SORRY!!!

Teresa @ A Life At Home said...

Thanks, Lisa! I'll add them now. I wish that my store doubled and tripled.

Faye said...

I saw somewhere that Raggu coupons are coming out on Sunday. If we get them in our area, they would pair nicely with the Ragu sale of $1.

carrie said...

I just found your blog and am loving it! Thanks for the blessings and wisdom you are imparting through it.
I am a sometimes teacher, sometimes SAHM (though currently a teacher!) who would like to be able to spend more time at home with my little ones. Thanks for your tips. I look forward to learning more.

Teresa @ A Life At Home said...

Thanks so much, I am glad you are enjoying it!

Anonymous said...

I read somewhere that All Mighty was 5 for $15 then you get $5 off. Anyone know if thats in Louisiana? I have some q's for 1.00 off so I'd get all that for $5bucks. Crossing fingers ;-)

Coupon Diva said...

I wish I could find out if the All Small and Mighty was going on here in Texas too... I checked my local ad and didn't see any mention of it, but maybe it's unadvertised?

Teresa @ A Life At Home said...

It is not in my ad either. I thought I read that it is for the NW Pacific region. I will definately find out tomorrow for sure.

Anonymous said...

Teresa, I tried the smartsource ball park angus coupon on the hot dog sale and it worked great. My store doubles so the hot dogs were free.

Teresa @ A Life At Home said...

anonymous, thanks for letting me know about the Ball Park franks!