Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Boycotting Subway??

In the last day or so I have been catching up on my emails and forums that I am a part of. There has been one popular topic out there that I see. "Subway excludes homeschoolers from their essay contest." At first glance I was a bit upset, but when you are a homeschooling family it is not anything new to be excluded from certain things.

As I read about what the contest was and the prize that was offered I became less upset over it. The grand prize offered is $5,000 in athletic equipment. I can understand how Subway and Scholastic could see that it would not be applicable to homeschoolers eventhough there are many co-ops and homeschooling athletic teams out there.

When most people think of homeschooling they likely think of one family schooling their children. So I can see how in their minds they would think, "Why would they need all of that equipment?" Yes, I know that we could choose to donate it, but would everyone do that? The intent was not to have one person keep it all, it was to help a school get new equipment.

I know seeing those words that homeschools will not be accepted can be irritating to a homeschooling family, but do we really need to get this upset over it? I am actually quite shocked over the homeschooling community's response to this. As a whole people get offended way too easily now. People are afraid to do anything because it will surely offend someone else. We need to be above that. Yes, write a letter explaining how you feel that this contest would benefit the homeschooling community as well, but do not cry discrimination and offense.

So, what do you think? Should we boycott Subway or not? Do you agree, disagree, agree to disagree?


Dani said...

We really do not eat there much, but I will not be boycotting. I think a huge part of our problems these days is our tendency to get easily offended or to sue others. At first I was a little offended, but then when I heard what the prize was I understood why home schoolers were excluded.
I think people need to buck up and quit getting offended over every little thing. You should have learned as a child that you do not get to be included in everything. I understand fighting for your rights and all, but like I said you don't always get to have your cake and eat it to. I am happy being able to home school my children and as long as that right is not tampered with then I don't see the big deal. Teresa, sorry if I cause any ruckus here. ;)

Sierra Mama said...

I am in agreement with you Teresa. I just don't see what all the fuss is about. To get all up in arms over something like this really baffles me.

MomtoAPKMGJL said...

I agree with you Teresa. If Subway had worded it differently, instead of so divisively, I doubt anyone would have given it a second thought. For example if they had put a minimum student amount of say 20-25, no one would bat an eye.

I certainly don't want 5000 worth of athletic equipment cluttering up the house. lol

Phil Hoover, Chicago said...

I love SUBWAY, and will not be boycotting them...

What an insane idea, in the first place!

Teresa @ A Life At Home said...

We happen to like Subway too. Splitting one of those $5.00 footlongs makes for a cheap meal when we go grocery shopping! :-)

Kayluray said...

I tried to address this issue on my blog and received some unfavorable comments. So I ended up deleting the entry.
I think Prairie Frogs ( ) over at homeschoolblogger addressed this so eloquently. I especially like how she made the point that it's not like Subway is not serving homeschoolers or making us sit in a different section because we homeschool. There are so many other important issues in this world to put energy toward right now. An essay contest at Subway is really the least of my worries. Our family won't be boycotting.

Right Brain Thinker said...

I completely agree with you. This isn't the first time I have disagreed with my homeschooling community over an issue like this.