Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Grocery Gathering- Albertson's 4/23 - 4/29

I have been asked to host the Albertson's deals for the Thursday grocery gathering, hosted by BeCentsAble. I am excited since I love the great deals that Albertson's has! Every Wednesday I will be posting all the good deals along with their coupon matchups. Now, of course if you see any that I missed please feel free to comment and let me know. Oh, and make sure you visit the grocery gathering for deals at other stores you may shop at. It makes saving money so easy!

I am in the Dallas/Ft. Worth region for Albertson's, eventhough I live in Louisiana. They do have other regions that will have different sales. My local Albertson's does NOT double or triple coupons eventhough many do. If yours does then there will be deals that are good for you that I may not notice.

This week is another great week for the 10/$10. They have many different items at 10/$10. Just know that you do not have to buy 10 of any specific item to get the special. They ring up as $1.00. Matchup with any coupons you may have to make it an even better deal. Deals that could be free will be in red.

The big sale this week is the Nestle deal. You buy $20 worth of participating Nestle products and get $5 off at the register. The best coupons to get the lowest OOP that I see are:

Nestle Pure Life Water 12-pack .5 liter are 4/$10
-$1/1 coupon from 3/9 Redplum insert
-$1/1 rolling IP coupon here

Nestle Treasures Gold Candy 3 oz. are 6/$10
-$1/1 coupon from 3/9 Smartsource insert

Nestle Ready to bake cookies are 4/$10
-$1.00 off IP here

Stouffer's Panini's are 4/$10
-$1/1 coupon from 4/13 Smartsource insert

Mix and match these to get a low OOP. For example, buy 3 cases of water, 3 panini's, and 3 candies. After Q's and the $5 taken off at the register your OOP would $6.00!

Other deals I see are:
Fresh Express salad 10/$10 - Can be free after Q's!
-1.00/1 Q's were found by the salad mixes here. If you still have some that means free salad! or
-$.50/1 Q's from the 3/09 Redplum insert

Mission tortillas 10/$10 - Can be free after Q's!
-$1.00/1 from 1/06 Smartsource insert or
-$1.00/2 from 1/06 Smartsource insert

Allen's or Veg-All frozen vegetables - Can be free after Q's if your store triples!
-$.35/1 from 4/06 Redplum insert
-$.55/1 from 2/24 Redplum insert

Softsoap hand soap- Can be free after Q's if your store triples!
-$.35/1 from 3/30 Smartsource insert or
-$1.00/3 from 3/30 Smartsource insert

We are also having a 3 day sale from Friday 4/25 - Sunday 4/27. Notable deals here are:
Albertson's brand dozen eggs $.99! - limit 1

4 lb packages of strawberries $4.99 ea.

Fresh La. crawfish $7.99/lb

Oreo cookies 15-18 oz $1.99 - Free if you got the home mailer coupon!
-$2.00 home mailer sent out

Kingsford Charcoal 17 lb Hickory or Mesquite or 18 lb regular $5.99
-$1.50 Glad, KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce or Hidden Valley wyb Kingsford Charcoal coupon here

One last thing. There is a coupon in the ad for $5 off a $50 or more purchase. Make sure you read the fine print. It says that it is applied after all manufacturer and store coupons.

Hope you get some great deals this week! If you see anything else please let me know and don't forget to visit the grocery gathering to find more great deals.


Carlie Faulk said...

Looks good. You did a great job laying it all out there!!

Anonymous said...

I cant believe i found your blog and i am in your area...if you could help me learn about the CVS and Walgreens savings and how it works i would so appreciate it..i dont really understand the the way i am a mom of 5....we are struggling financially and i am trying to cut costs where i can and about the only room i see i have is the grocery and household budget....thanks so very very email is

Teresa @ A Life At Home said...

Angela, I can email you sometime tomorrow. Have a great night!

Victoria said...

Does Albertsons still use the savings card? I used to shop there often when we lived now in Broussard but I haven't been there in a while. I've noticed in the sales paper I haven't been reading "with card".

Teresa @ A Life At Home said...

Around our area they have done away with the card. I do know in other areas they still have it though.

Erin Edwards said...

Teresa, I live in Washington and our Albertsons has different sales, of course, and I think I will volunteer to do the Pacific NW Albertsons saleson BeCentsable since I have been posting them on my blog.
Just a heads up as we may be 'working' next to each other.
Great job, by the way, yours looks very organized! And Im SOOO jealous about the salad sale!

Teresa @ A Life At Home said...

Erin, I was hoping that they would get someone to cover the other regions. The sales do vary so much.

That salad deal is super, isn't it? As soon as they put out more coupons, I plan on buying them up so I can get more free salad when they go 10/$10. I've gotten rather spoiled the last few months with my free salad.- lol

Thanks for stopping by!