Saturday, April 19, 2008

Finally got in on a few of the deals

I haven't been able to get around much this week, so my deals have been rather sparce. Thank goodness we are well stocked. I was finally able to get out yesterday and take advantage of the Walgreen's and Albertson's deals. We still have to go out one more time today to finish up, but that will be later.


We were able to get 10 boxes of YO Yoplait yogurt for $3.00 OOP. I will be doing this 2 more times today for another $4.00 OOP. So 20 boxes of yogurt, which equals 80 packs, for $7.00.

I so wish I could have gotten out earlier than just yesterday for this one. I could have rolled my RR for more. I bought 4 shampoos at a time for $3.00 OOP for each deal, which I put on my giftcard. I now have $12.00 in RR to use for the Aveeno deal next week. I also still have $20.00 in RR from the last Aveeno deal that I have to spend this week. I will do all my monthly rebate deals with those.

I still think I might do this one more time. I don't know yet. A few of my family members have asked for a bottle or two, so I might get them a few bottles as well. Oh, if you're wondering what to do with the extra bottles, Sauve works great in your hand soap dispenser. No one would ever know it's not hand soap!

I didn't do much here this week. Of course I had to take advantage of the Contour deal since I had a coupon that took the whole $14.99 off. I also needed more toilet paper. We always need more toilet paper here so I try to work it in any chance I get. I also bought a gallon of milk, which of course has been drank already. I paid $.41 OOP, which I put on my giftcard. I had to use my $5.98 ECB which was expiring, but I made back $14.99 in ECB's.

I did not get a picture of my clean team wipe deal. My hubby stopped while he was out and about at work for me. They only had 4 left at the store he went to, but we have to go shopping tomorrow so we will pick up more. We paid $.60 OOP for the 4 packs we got.

Total before all of my coupons and ECB's was $70.63. Total OOP was $3.60.


Carlie Faulk said...

Hey - yeah for cheap yogurt!! My qs came in and I made out great! The vannilla is actually really good. Now I need more strawberries - lol!

Carlie Faulk said...

Oh - btw - I found a great cashier at Albie's!

RainyPM said...

I am curious whether you've done the math to see how much money you are saving by going to so many different stores when you factor in the gas to get there. I always wonder about that when I go store-hopping for the good sales, but haven't ever gotten past the point of idle speculation.

Teresa @ A Life At Home said...

rainypm, all of these stores are less than 1 mile from my house. In fact, Albertson's and Walgreen's are right across the street from one another. Walmart was done by my hubby when he was out and about for work.

I am not in the stores much. I usually try to do all my runs in one day. It is less disruptive to our schedule and I save on gas.

When we finally do move out of the city, I know we will have to reevaluate how we shop a bit.

Nisrine said...

I went to Walmart yesterday but the cheapest steam clean wipe I could find was for 2.38 for the small box. How did u get the wipes for 60 cents??? I do have the $3 off coupon. and the 1$ off salad??? I emailed them and they sent me a 50 cent one ???
THanks for the yogurt deal, I almost forgot about it until I saw your post.

Teresa @ A Life At Home said...

Nisrine, the Clean team wipes you need to look for are the ones in the soft pack. They are up in the front of the store by the smaller baby section. By the beauty products. Those are $1.64 a piece.

The salad coupons I got off of ebay since I know Albertson's always has them on sale 10/$10. They still have a few for sale, but they expire on 4/30.

Glad you got in on the yogurt! I got about 25 boxes myself. Carlie says they freeze great.