Sunday, March 16, 2008

My Deals this Week: CVS, Albertson's, and Target

So, this week I got a few deals. I spent a total of $.83 OOP for around $85.00 worth of stuff.

They have Fresh Express salads bags 10/$10. I picked up 6 of them and had coupons for $1.00, making my total OOP $0.00. It was great because I had a young college age guy checking me out. He was so surprised. He was telling everyone in the line behind me that my total was nothing.

Note to self: Try to find young men cashiers that will be impressed with my couponing skills.

I've been putting off getting the Morning Star meals, but had to go yesterday since the Target coupon expired. I'm glad I waited because a nice girl I met at our coupon class and then again at our homeschool playdate on Friday, gave me a $5/$25 coupon for Target. So, for the 12 meals, I paid $.83 OOP.
As I was walking off, I heard the lady behind me tell the cashier that she needed to take lessons from me, the cashier agreed that she did too. Too funny.

CVS:Well, we went there 2 x's this week. I got yet another Venus Embrace, 4 bags of Dove chocolate, 2 Oral B toothbrushes, and 2 gallons of milk for $0.00 OOP. I also earned back $23.97 in EBC's to use on this weeks deals. Notice we've already started on the milk and there are 2 bags of chocolate missing.

I know that Walgreen's had the Jane makeup deal this week, but I do not wear much makeup and I already have a whole drawer full of it. All in all, it was not a bad week for just $.83 OOP


Jessica said...

What a great week! Good job.

Carlie Faulk said...

I'm on my way out to Albie's to get some more salad. :)

Oh and I'm going to do the 3/10 Tombstones - I wiped Winn Dixe out earlier for the Qs.

Teresa said...

Jessica, thanks!

Carlie, let me know if the 10% off frozen stuff works with them. I think I might get them when I restock my salad.

Jodie said...

Wow!! I need to take lessons from you too - maybe I should start coming to that class!! I have ALOT to learn about coupons and I cannot believe - I'm totally astounded - that you got all of that stuff for that price!! Girl, when can I get a tutoring lesson in couponing from you!!??

ps - I resp. to your tag on my blog. :)

Anonymous said...

You make shopping sound like fun. I would love to join in the adventure but live in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. I can't seem to find deals like you talk about ( any tips for us up here). Everybody loves a deal. Please help Thanks Cathy

Cajunchic said...

I am so glad you were able to use the coupon. DH banned me from there unless he is with me because i love their clothes and shoes. lol He never has time to go but he is going to have to soon since I have the regular $5 off $25 coupon and I need to get a shower gift.

Carlie Faulk said...

Ok - Albie's only ran the 10% off thru Sat. I still bought the pizzas because it was a great deal.

Check out my picture on my blog.

Mrs. Nichole Jordan said...

I LOVE the Note to self comment! LOL I do the same thing when I am shopping anything that makes it easier in doing it.. :-D
Awesome finds!

Deborah said...

This is amazing! I've read some great things about Albertson's - but we don't have them in our area.

Just another crazy family said...

Hey Teresa! Found your blog from "money saving mom." I didn't realize you and Carlie blogged. I left her a comment and I'm going to bookmark you guys and keep checking in. Stop by my blog and let me know you were there. Too cool! See you at church!

Sonshine said...

You did great!

I have been couponing for a while but I just started working at making the coupons and the deals work better in my favor.(meaning not just using the coupon without the item being on sale) So I love reading everyone's deals and how they went about doing it. :)

Anonymous said...

How does one obtain a $5/$25 from Target? Never heard of such.

Elizabeth said...

I have a question-I read that your husband has access to lots of newspaper inserts. I can only afford to buy one Sunday paper, and I don't have access to others. So would I really be able to get enough coupons to do what you do?

Also, we do have a CVS nearby as well as a Walgreen's-you spend so little out of pocket on things like milk and toothbrushes, is there really no out of pocket cost?

I feel like I'm really missing out on an opportunity to stretch our budget further than I do now!

Teresa said...

Hey Elizabeth, I know most people ask their friends and family to save the inserts for them. Most people are happy to do it, since they never use them. :-) I also know one person that has gotten in good with a newspaper carrier that saves inserts for them. Also, other people have gone to the recycling plant. That I have not done! lol
As for OOP costs, no I don't spend anything since I have a giftcard right now. If i did have to pay OOP though, it would be a maximum of $.25. I work the deals that way on purpose so I don't have to pay OOP.
The first time you shop at CVS or Walgreens, you will pay the total OOP before you get your extracare bucks built up. I always suggest doing small deals at first until you get them built up.