Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Making your home a haven: Spring cleaning the master bedroom

Inspired by Crystal, at Biblicalwomanhood I am spring cleaning my master bedroom today. It's amazing what a few days of bedrest will do to your bedroom. This past weekend, up till yesterday I had to stay in bed since I started having more contractions than are what's allowed. So, needless to say, after living in my bedroom and not being allowed to clean it up, it has gotten messy! What's sad, is that it was perfectly clean before. It's embarrassing to have pictures of, but I just wanted to show a visual that sometimes things happen. You just have to pick back up when you can.

Now, I still have to kind of take it easy, but i've got to get my bedroom back in order! I figured I might break it up a bit so i'm not doing too much at one time.

Here are my before pictures:
Lovely picture of my latest run to CVS, but not so lovely that it's on my dresser!

My pileup of papers I accumulated while laying in bed, and the quilt that got way too hot for a pregnant mama!

This is not my fault! It was my hubby's. I can't blame him. I had a massive pile of books and papers on my bed to keep me occupied.

To Do List:
1. Wash bedding
2. Fold the clothes I just brought in there from the dryer.
(I figured it was a good way to make sure they get done!)
3. Clean bookshelf off
(How did I get so many books?)
4. Put my ever growing sewing pile away where it belongs
5. Fold and put away winter quilt
6. Clean off and organize headboard
7. Dust and wash down door
8. Pick spring flowers to put in room
9. Sweep and damp mop floor

Ok, off to take my after pictures, and then it's time for dinner. Then, hopefully after the little ones are in bed, I can curl up with a nice hot cup of tea and my new book, "Passionate Housewives: Desperate for God." Sounds heavenly, doesn't it?!

Here are my after pictures:
My sweet little ones picked these Azalea's for me. They are beautifully in bloom here right now!

Bookshelf all cleaned up, and sewing pile put away in drawers where it belongs. Boy does that feel good!

My bed all nice and tidy. I had to put on the quilt my grandma made me since my other is washing. Oh, and don't you love the heart pillow my dd's made me?

Now off to spend a little time with the family and then maybe i'll actually be able to read!
[Side note: One of the best things that has come from this post is that my dh told me, that after seeing my walls, he is ready to paint my room. You see, he paints on the side and we've already bought the paint months ago. I'm excited!]


Jodie said...

Bed rest.... sounds kinda fun actually. :)

Hey, what time is the coupon class on Thurs at church? Am I too late to jump in? And do I need to bring anything with me?? Oh - and is there childcare?

Thanks Mama T :) - I hope you get to feeling better. Surely having that room shiny again will help. :)

Also - I have an idea for a post for you. It's about chores. How early do you get your little ones involved, and doing what kinds of chores around the house?

Anyway, we're good here. :) If I'm able to go to the class on Thurs. hopefully I'll see you and we can actually visit face to face. :)

Teresa said...

Ah yes, bedrest is nice....for about one day, then it gets really old, fast.

About the class. The next one isn't until April 3rd at 9:30 am, and yes there is childcare. (yay!) It's my part on the menu planning and putting together the deals. Carlie's part on couponing was last week. Don't worry though, I can show you all of the stuff you missed. :-)

I had to laugh about the suggestion on chores for little ones, because I already have it in the works. Hopefully i'll have time to get it up tomorrow or Wednesday.

Talk to ya soon!

Carlie Faulk said...

You got a new comforter.

D&Xmommy said...

You are giving me some inspiration with those pictures. I need to do this so bad to my closets and extra space. Thanks bunches for the Q's.

Just another crazy family said...

Great job and aren't you supposed to be resting? Take it easy girl. Wish I could come to the class too, but I'll be working upstairs. Maybe you can give me a quick tutorial. Talk to you soon!

Carlie Faulk said...

If you're on bedrest next month we're going to set up a webcast! NO WAY am I teaching that part.

Cajunchic said...

Great job. You motivated me to do a spring cleaning. I will not however take pictures because I am too embarrased by the before.

Marnie said...

How funny, we have the same dresser! Mine definately needs some cleaning too. It's piled with books and shirts that need ironing. I think I'll take care of it today! Thanks for the post!

Teresa said...

just another crazy family,
Yes, I was supposed to be resting, but I did break it up, that counts as resting, right? :-)

cajunchic, if I can take pictures of my before and can you! :-)

Marnie, that poor old dresser has been around for quite some time. I do like though, but I have plans to give it a facelift. Oh, and I think all of us tend to use our dressers as a catch-all. lol