Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A Heart for Home - Part 2

Words to Live By: Home Sweet Home by Marilu Windvand
Words to Live By: Home Sweet Home

In my last post I had just started talking about how we, as wives and mothers, are told we need to have a thirst for being busy at home.

Now what does being busy at home mean? A few definitions of busy that I found are: engaged in action, full of activity, bustling. A few synonyms I found are: industrious, diligent, and my personal favorite, assiduous. For those of you who don't know what assiduous means, it means marked by careful, constant attention or persistent application

Are we giving careful, constant attention to our homes? Are we being diligent and persistent? If we find our home being put last, then maybe we aren't.

The only way to be able to do it all, is to follow what God tells us. Be busy at home first. Then all else falls into place. If you can do more, then do so. If not, then it isn't important. Remember, we all have seasons in our lives. There are seasons when we will be able to do more, and seasons when we need to about our homes more.

When I was working full-time as an RN, homeschooling my children, and pregnant, it wasn't the time to be involved in much else. If I would have, my family would have suffered. That was a season in my life when I was about my home more, since I was already gone so much working.

Don't fall into the trap of thinking that your kids will hate you if they can't be involved in everything. Let your loving relationship with them replace the outside activities.

Don't believe for one minute that if you can't volunteer your time, that they won't be able to go on. They will go on. You will actually be making a way for God to use someone else. In fact, find something that your whole family can do. There are many families that serve together. They are generally some of the happiest families I know. They live together, work together, and serve together.

As women, are we to become recluse, never seeing the outside world? No! But we are to have that thirst for the things in our home. To be diligent, and give constant attention to our home and our families. Do you have a heart for home?

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