Saturday, March 1, 2008

Frugal Food Shopping....According to Yahoo

I am sorry, but I just read an article on how to save money on food. I was laughing the whole way through. The article said that the average family of 4 spends $709 a month on groceries. That equals $177.25 per person. If I spent that much for my family of 8, then I would be spending $1418.00 a month to feed us. Just to think about the meals we could eat off of if we had that budget. Oh man!

Here's a few tips from the article: [With my added commentary]
1. Only go out to eat once a week instead of 3 times.
Aww, you mean I actually have to cook 6 times in one week?! I can't even boil water!

2. Shop fewer times in the store.
What?! I actually have to go to the store and buy more than one day's worth of food?!

3. Bring your lunch to work.
No way! I'm not getting out of bed 5 minutes earlier to make a lunch when McDonald's is right across the street.

4. Shop with a list.
How can I make a list when I don't even know what we're eating tonight? Forget it, i'll just pick up takeout on the way home!

5. Buy generic.
But the name brand cans are so much prettier.

6. Make your own latte.
So you're saying no more Starbucks? I don't think so! [My note: I'm so glad I read this one. Maybe now i'll be able to spend only $200/mo on groceries! haha]

I'm sorry, i'm just being silly, (or sarcastic if you know me.) I do agree with a few things in the article, but most of it is incredibly useless. Seriously though, do people really spend that much to eat? No wonder why they have to work like dogs to make ends meet. Since this article was serious, I have to think that people are in a sad state in this country. We already have so much excess.

Just think about what they could do with the extra money, rather than buying junk. They could pay down all those bills, for one. Take a vacation. Donate some of the money to people who are starving in ours and other countries! Give some money to their local church. The possibilities are endless. I challenge us all to look at what we're spending, and see if we can do better.

You can read the article here, if you want.


Katie Gregg said...

LOLOLOL....I love reading "frugal" articles from mainstream websites. It's like a whole different world. Seriously, I think these people live on a different planet!

Anonymous said...

Wow! And they really weren't joking? That's hilarious!

-Christine from Arizona